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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nissan Oppama Plant

Yesterday, we viewed Nissan's engine plant.  And today, we complete the "package" by visiting the Oppama car plant in Yokohama.  Designed to produce cars every minute (it takes 16 hrs to create the entire car), the Oppama plant is a highly efficient plant that utilizes flow production principles. Our LSI team learned a great deal!


LEpp said...

Hi David,

I'm enjoying the photos from Japan. It's almost like being there but without the jet lag. :)

I really like the "welcome sign" at the Oppama plant. It makes sure that group photos will include the location, Nissan name, logo, and date of the visit. That is such a good idea.

Lean Sensei said...

Thanks! It's been a busy week but everyone really really enjoyed the program. We learned a lot too. I wish I could post more photos.