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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lean Extreme Makeover Week

This week, LSI will be busy facilitating our most advanced problem solving kaizen. Simply called the Lean Problem Solving (LPS) methodology, our LPS program has been rated as "the best kaizen methodology" by a variety of clients who have taken this course.  "It's so effective, so advanced, but so simple," is one comment made by a senior lean director at a fortune 50 company recently in Asia, after taking this program.

Part of LSI's Blackbelt and Executive program, the LPS kaizen will be taking place Monday through Wednesday at a packaging company. It is described as "Extreme Makeover Kaizen" because participants only have 3 days to overhaul a company and develop solutions.  Stay tuned for day-to-day update this week!

What is LPS?

LPS is a proven problem solving technique touted in our industry as the most effective methodology for achieving business success.

While LPS – at first glance – appears to be a collection of various lean tools, but it is far more than that . . .

It is a disciplined approach that combines the best methods and tools into a single, standardized “hybrid” methodology that virtually guarantees results each and every time.

Lean Sensei’s LPS methodology merges the best from world-class companies to deliver the most compelling problem solving technique ever.

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