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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Canada celebrated its 144th Birthday this past week.  LSI 's president and founder, David Chao, (not quite that old)  also celebrated a birthday last week.  Here are some fun facts about David:

He loves playing ping pong and was a high school ping pong champion.

He plays a mean game of fooze ball.

As a movie buff, he, counts, among his favorites: Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and Jurassiac Park.

He loves a good fireworks show; the best he says, are in Japan.

His favourite sports car is an Acura NSX.

For part of his childhood he lived in Hawaii, operating a Dairy Queen and a laundromat.

Among his cat loving friends, he is known as the Cat Whisperer.

He can rack up a score of over 800 in the Wii Hula Hoop Game.

His English name, David, was given to him by a school teacher.

He had aspirations to become an architect but opted instead for engineering.

After graduating from UBC, he spent his first year, setting up a robotic line at Suzuki Motors in Ontario.

He loves to be on the water fishing and crab trapping.

Summer is his favorite season.

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