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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lean 101 #4 at Cascade Aerospace

Yesterday-our coach, Bob Low, braved the "snow storm" to make his way to our final- for now- lean 101 installment at Cascade Aerospace in Abbotsford.

Fourth time is a charm.

All four sessions were well received according to our feedback forms. However, there is always room for improvement and we carefully and attentively listen and read through our client's comments so that we may better serve them in the future. Minor adjustments were made throughout the sessions- the clients asked for greater interaction- we delivered. The participants requested more content tailored to their particular needs- Bob presented them with more examples for reference. The participants asked for better chairs (we didn't have much control over this) so we had them standing and stretching more often! The point is... we emphasize the importance of listening to our clients in our courses and so- we must also practice this principle ourselves.

According to Bob, this particular group asked the toughest questions (out of the four). Often times, employees feel that attempts to improve and reorganize the company, are just "flavours of the month". This skepticsm is warranted- how often do we get carried by the winds of momentum- only to find our wings slowly depleting as we encounter roadblocks- to the point where we fall flat again, listless and afraid to get back up again.

What sets LSI apart from other consultants- we don't believe in a band-aid solution. In order to create real change and self-perpetuating improvements we urge our clients to go back to the CORE.

Customers, Owners, Resources, Employees.

Employees: Without motivated employees- an organization is missing a key component of its foundation. Lean Philosophy must be embraced from the entire organization. And, if you want your employees to work for you- you must first believe in them and then empower them. Send them to our program ;)

When we train Greenbelts and Blackbelts we create Lean Champions. We provide them with the tools to fill-up their box, we'll even hold the nail up (we have faith), but it's up to them to strike it in the bull's eye.

Coaching others on how to savour the lasting flavour is our passion!

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