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Friday, January 13, 2012

Vancouver Benchmarking Tour- Why you should sign up!

Benchmark: Pronunciation: /ˈbɛn(t)ʃmɑːk/noun

"a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared," Oxford Dictionary Online (2012).

Interesting fact: The term was first coined by cobblers who would have their customers place their foot on a ''bench' and 'mark' the outline for production.

Similarly, LSI has organized Benchmarking Tours since its inception, as a way to help its new clients experience how lean has been outlined before they begin on their own lean journey.

This tour has the potential of benefiting anyone in all industries. It's exciting even from a non-manufacturing standpoint (although we will be visiting a service provider this time around). Specifically, there are two principle reasons why one would want to sign up for this tour:

Curious about Lean: In this economical crisis many organizations are looking for new ways to stay competitive. Of course, lean can help you achieve that edge. It helped NuHeat transform an innovative idea- almost two decades ago- into a world-class facility which manufactures easy-to-install electric floor heating systems. It sustained Moulding and Millwork throughout the last recession. It has set the framework for one of the most eco-friendly- community conscious companies I have seen- Ideon Packaging.

But, don't take our word for it.

Genchi Genbutsu- go see for yourself.

Standard Operating Procedures on the floor where the action is. There is no excuse not to follow the standard!
Kanban System
Make Lean your own. Rebrand and customize the tools and principles you have learnt.

Build a corporate culture- remind your employees what they're working towards.

Not only will you have a chance to see what these organizations have done right- but also when and how they went wrong.  By hearing tales of their personal 'lean journeys' you'll have the opportunity to avoid common mistakes when implementing lean at your organization.

Need a Lean re-injection: Although this is an excellent way for executives to capture a feel for lean philosophy in action it's also a revitalizing experience for Lean Veterans. As with any initiative- time and complacency can make you forget how inspired you were when you first completed your Greenbelt or Blackbelt. Through your new 'lean lens' you were set to turn your organization topsy-turvy. And then, the everyday humdrum set in again. Now, looking up at your glossy mounted plaque you want to see how others have managed to sustain the momentum.

Let's go benchmarking.

Last Year
September 13 and 14 2011 Vancouver Benchmarking Tour

We had the opportunity to visit six manufacturing facilities throughout the lower mainland over a two full-day trip.

The first day included veteran clients: NuHeat, Alpha Technologies and Moulding and Millwork.

The second day we had a chance to visit: Regency FPI, NATC and Ideon Packaging.

This Year
Feb or March timeframe 2012 Vancouver Benchmarking Tour

Back by popular demand. We are doing our best to coordinate the 'chicken and egg' logistics for this tour. That is to say we hope that these dates will accomodate participants and hosting clients equally.

Our tours always include transportation from downtown to all of the facilities, snacks and beverages and hot lunches. Each company prepares an introduction as well as a detailed description of their 'lean journey'. Following the presentation they will take you for an hour tour around their facilities pointing out lean tools in action. Afterwards there is a Q&A period which allows you to bring up your own concerns and comments about lean. In addition, upon completing the full two days you can earn 2 credits towards your Executive Certificate.

If you are interested please contact us for more details: (604) 264-1000.

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