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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's Coming Up!

It's 2012 and the world is still standing. Let's make this year Outstanding!- "Hai Ya" -karate chop ;)

LSI is very excited to kick-start the New Year with our Greenbelt and Blackbelt Programs as well as some new Networking Events and Benchmarking Tours.

 Lean 101 and Whitebelt:

We have special programs that we conduct internally at our clients facilities. For instance we may provide Lean 101 and introduction to tools and principles to an entire organization. This is a great way to begin shifting an organization's culture to 'lean thinking' from the bottom-up. One day sessions for small to large groups can be arranged on a client-specific basis.

Internal Whitebelt Training is also offered over a three day period where participants can get exposure and training in some of lean's best practices. Included in the training is a 'Kaizen' event in which whitebelts are asked to overhaul a process or area as part of their hands-on application of lean principles. Kaizen events can also be client-specific.


Yellowbelt certification takes approximately a week and is comparable to the first module of the Greenbelt program. It's a great way to have a number of employees well versed and practiced in Lean tools.


What we could refer to as our 'bread and butter'. Most of our clients choose to send a number of their employees to our public greenbelt programs (held in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Edmonton). In this setting people from many different industries get to share insights and come together to learn and experience Lean Philosophy and Lean Tools. Their time in the classroom is cut short- as the coaches get them up and problem- solving (through 'lean lens') at our various clients' facilities. Participants are also required to apply the tools that they've acquired at their own company during the breaks between modules-as part of their homework.   

Here's a look at our Winter Greenbelt Programs and Dates:

The Greenbelt Program 

Greenbelt (Operation) WINNIPEG Winter 2012
Module 1 Jan 17-20
Module 2 Feb 13-17
Module 3 Mar 12-16

Greenbelt (Operation) VANCOUVER Winter 2012
Module 1 Jan 23-27
Module 2 Feb 20-24
Module 3 Mar 19-23

Greenbelt (Service) VANCOUVER Winter 2012
Module 1 Feb 6-10
Module 2 Mar 12-16
Module 3 Apr 9-13

Here's a look at our Spring Greenbelt Programs and Dates:

Greenbelt (Operation) VANCOUVER Spring 2012 
Module 1 Feb 13-17
Module 2 Mar 5-9
Module 3 Apr 2-5 (*Condensed due to holiday)

Greenbelt (Operation) CALGARY Spring 2012
Module 1 Feb 27-Mar 2
Module 2 Mar 26-30
Module 3 Apr 23-27

Greenbelt (Operation) TORONTO Spring 2012
Module 1 Apr 9-13
Module 2 May 7-11
Module 3 Jun 4-8

Greenbelt (Operation)WINNIPEG Spring 2012
Module 1 Apr 17-20 4
Module 2 May 14-18
Module 3 Jun 18-22

Blackbelt Programs Vancouver 2012

This program builds on knowledge gained with the Greenbelt Certification and exponentially increases it to create true Lean Leaders! A series of four modules are spread out over approximately four months to allow ample time for participants to accomplish their work back at their company and begin to absorb and implement Lean Philosophy. The program also includes a trip to Japan- the birthplace of lean- and a special visit to the Toyota Factory as well as other 'benchmarks' in their respective industry. 

Lean Strategy & Lean Assessment
 Feb 27-Mar 2 

Lean Supply Chain
 Mar 26-30

Japan Lean Tour
 Apr 16-20

Extreme Kaizen Module
May 14-18


Lean Strategy & Lean Assessment
Sep 17-21

Lean Supply Chain
Oct 15-19

Japan Lean Tour (*Date Subject to Change)
Nov 5-9

Extreme Kaizen
Dec 3-7

Executive Programs 2012

Designed for executives & senior management whose primary focus is to strategize, lead, direct, and manage lean activities. The flexibility of this program allows executives to earn credits when their schedule permits.

Executive Lean Strategy & Lean Assessment
Feb 27-Mar 2

Executive Lean Supply Chain
Mar 26-30

Executive Japan Lean Tour
Apr 16-20

Executive Extreme Kaizen
May 14-16

Executive Program with Mike Hoseus (Topic TBA)
May 30-Jun 1

Executive Europe Benchmarking Tour- Italy & Germany (*Subject to Change)
Jun 11-15


Executive Lean Strategy & Lean Assessment
Sep 17-21
Executive Lean Supply Chain Kaizen (*Date subject to Change)
Oct 15-19
Executive Japan Lean Tour
Nov 5-9
Executive Extreme Kaizen
Dec 3-5
Please contact us for more details!

Happy New Year!

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