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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our newest Executive Lean Director

Congratulations Shelley Besse!
Each time we receive a First West participant-whether it is to our Greenbelt, Blackbelt or Executive programs- we are sure to have an enthusiastic student. Enthusiasm is infectious and we can bet that the lean virus is spreading quickly throughout this client's organization. We must attribute this contagion to First West's 'lean champions'. And, today we would like to recognize Shelley Besse, Vice President, as one of the key players in the entrenchment of 'lean philosophy' at First West.

Shelley recently travelled with this Fall's Blackbelt group to Japan for our Fall Lean Tour. It was this memorable experience (5 credits) which gave her enough credits (10 credits in total) to reach the second level of the Executive Certification. We are now proud to refer to her as an Executive Lean Director.

One can only imagine the life of a VP in a growing industry. How did Shelley and others like her manage to find the time to get training and hands-on experience in 'lean'? Our Executive Lean Certification program provides complete freedom and flexibility to allow executives to take various programs at their convenience, and complete the certification once the required number of executive credits are completed. Shelley can continue to accumulate credits to achieve the third level of the Executive Program- Chief Lean Officer (15 credits).

This Spring we have many opportunities for Shelley and others to achieve those extra credits.
For example our Europe Benchmarking Tour -a 5 day trip to Italy and Germany to visit some world-renowned factories- is the equivalent to 4 credits towards an Executive Certification (2 more credits and you can achieve our first level of Executive Accreditation).

Please contact us for more details.

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