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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Culture of Empowerment

A Lean culture involves having trust and empowering each other. A good working relationship plays a part in keeping everyone on the same page - a large factor to efficient business operations.

These are five phrases that display respect and care:

1. “That was great how you...” No one receives enough praise. No one. Pick someone who did something well and tell them.

2. Asking someone for help This simple phrase implicitly recognizes their skills and value.
Saying, “Can you help me?” is the same as saying, “You're great at that.”

3. “I'm sorry I didn't...” We’ve all screwed up. There are things we need to apologize for: Words. Actions. Omissions. Failing to step up, or step in, or simply be supportive.

4. “Can I help you...?” Then flip it around. In some organizations, asking for help is seen as a sign of weakness. Because most people will respond with “No thanks, I’m alright,” be specific. Say, “I've got a few minutes... can I help you finish that?”

5. "I'm sorry I let you down"

These small gestures will have an impact on your colleagues and employees much larger than the effort you put in to execute the initial gesture. The trust between team members is the fuel to keep Lean Thinking go round and round in your organization.

Credit: Inc. Magazine
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