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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lean Shares Series: Janka Coppens, Lean Sensei Master Blackbelt

Welcome back from the long weekend.

Read MBB Janka Coppens' Lean insights to inspire you this week.

1.       What is Lean to you?

Lean provides a philosophy and methodology that guides an organization towards a problem solving culture.  Lean enables individuals to lead and coach in a manner that helps employees reach their potential, teaching them how to challenge paradigms and empowering them to make a difference.

2.       What impact has lean had on your workplace, in your life?

In general, Lean has changed the lens in which I view the world as I find I am always seeing waste and looking for a better way.  In the workplace, Lean has filled the gap that my natural ADD personality has left, as I am in a role where I continuously work with different groups and processes, constantly learning and developing.

3.       What is your favorite workplace transformation from Lean? 

I find sometimes it’s the little things that are significant.  A fair bit of time and resourcing had been dedicated to helping a group set up visual management boards.  The lead team was going on a monthly boardwalk to review all eight boards spread across five departments.  On the first such tour a  surprise awaited us on one of the boards - on the right hand corner someone scribbled down a beautiful 5 why analysis. We never found out who did it, but I must admit I almost had a tear in my eye!

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