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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Perfection is a Moving Target

From a two person idea to a multi-million dollar corporation.
You would think that could consider themselves a success already. But as you know perfection is not a final destination that you stay at once you get there. Rather, it is a moving target that fuels you to continuously improve your business to find more efficient, faster, easier ways to serve your customers.

Jason Goldberg, CEO of says, "We have a saying at Fab: We focus more on why we suck than why we're doing great. The goal of [our weekly] meetings is to find out what is working and what's not in each department." It is this idea of relentlessly conducting a health check of your organization that will sustain continued growth.

Be aware that simply having a weekly meeting to talk about what can be improved is not enough. Talk to your people, talk to people from all departments to stimulate solution ideas for the issues that matter and have the greatest strategic impact on your business. Then work on it together. Empower your people to share their solution ideas.

Credit: Inc. Magazine

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