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Monday, October 1, 2012

Heijunka Disussion at Blackbelt Supply Chain Module

Today is the Supply Chain Module for Fall Blackbelt 2012.

In this photo, David challenges us to approach the supply chain strategy from the customer's perspective.
What is value from your customer's perspective?
Your customers do not know what happens behind the scenes. All they see is what they want and compare that against what you deliver. In the value chain, customer involvement is limited to "customer order" and "deliver order."

What if you think you are going above and beyond but you are not actually bringing as much value to your customer as you intended? Just-in-time production is meeting your customer's needs exactly. It is making what the customer needs when the customer needs it in the quantity the customer needs, using minimal resources of manpower, material, and machinery. A win-win situation.

Later this afternoon our Blackbelts will have a hands-on opportunity to put in place a Heijunka system. This is a method of leveling production at the final assembly line that makes just-in-time production possible.

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