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Friday, April 1, 2011

Next Blackbelt class to go to the moon

LSI announced today that the next Blackbelt class will head to the moon, as part of LSI's experimental program to expand lean thinking beyond the normal boundaries of earth.  The current class of Blackbelts will be designing a lean system that will allow the next class of Blackbelts to take a safe and economical trip to the moon - something that has not been done before.

Working with former NASA engineers and retired Toyota managers, LSI and the Blackbelts will face the biggest challenge of their lives as they begin to value stream map the entire process of  a "trip to the moon", starting this coming Monday (the beginning of Module 3).

By applying lean principles and the Toyota Way, LSI is confident that a significantly cheaper and simpler system can be developed to fly to the moon.  In fact, the plan is to replace the Japan Lean Tour program,  which is currently part of the Blackbelt module, with the Lean Space Tour program.  LSI expects Blackbelts to take away important "kaikaku" (innovative breakthrough) ideas from this proposed trip.

As a result of this important announcement, LSI has updated its slogan from the current "Go Transform the World" to "Go Transform the Universe."

This Monday, the first day of Module 3 in the Blackbelt Program, research work will begin.  The work will focus on supply chain topics, an appropriate baseline for this pioneering project.

We are excited to be part of this milestone.

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Greg Cameron said...

Not sure if my company would sponsor this one!