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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PENTICTON--Spring Greenbelt for Service Program Kicks Off

Our first Greenbelt program in Penticton kicked off this week for a group of 15 participants. Our Greenbelt for Service programs are catered to meet the needs of non-manufacturing companies. We hope the participants will learn a great deal about applying lean thinking to service processes.

The group will be busy for the following three months;

Module 1: Apr 25-29 (includes 3-day 5S Kaizen)
Module 2: May 16-20 (includes 3-day Process-time Reduction Kaizen)
Module 3: Jun 13-17 (includes 3-day Value-innovation Kaizen)

We wish them the very best with their “lean journey” and look forward to seeing them all graduate on June 17.

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