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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Amazing level of service in Japan

Service Extends to the Fridge 

During my numerous trips to Japan the participants on our Japan Lean Tour often marvel about and remark on the level of customer service the Japanese provide.  As a world traveller with extensive trips to Asia, Europe and across North American, I've had countless opportunities to compare the lengths to which organizations go to provide customer value to their clients.  My frequent visits to Japan and the fact that I grew up there have perhaps left me a bit jaded, although I still do appreciate the level of service very much.  On my most recent trip to Japan I was pleasantly surprised, and had to once again commend the Japanese on their customer service and the attention to detail.   

My room at a well-known Japanese hotel was closer than I wanted to the elevator.  On my third day there I requested a different room.  I was informed by the front desk that my luggage would be placed in my room later that day, all in time, before I returned in the evening.   Opening up the fridge that evening, to chill my favourite Japanese fall fruits, (figs and persimmons) imagine my surprise when I saw that the staff had even moved my small, half-full carton of milk.  I had to chuckle.  Japanese service still tops my list!

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