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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vancouver Service Greenbelts Final Presentations

Today our latest Greenbelts from Service completed their final presentations on their 5S and Process Time Reduction homework assignments. We've had a great group with tons of energy and enthusiasm and we are confident that they will be bringing all of their newly aquired tools back to their respective workplaces. One particular 'Lean Journey' described by Henry Ross had us all reflecting back on what it truly means to be a 'Lean Champion':

Lean is all about the walk

and it’s all about the talk….
their talk……
…your listen
My two month Lean journey taught me that process owners and stakeholders already know the solutions to their problems…….
But they don’t know they know,
So, you just walk with them,

And, you talk with them,
And you listen ….
And you listen some more,
And you listen again
Look and listen
They will tell you the
you just have to hear them,
But they won’t realize that they told you,

Using the Lean tools,

Lean methodology… Lean attitude ……
Lean Philosophy …..
You tell their answers back to
with visual aids…
And you give them some SOPs ….
And you get them excited,

it rubs off from your excitement…

And you leave them new shoes to walk in...

On their own journey

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