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Friday, December 2, 2011

Congratulations Vancouver Service Greenbelts Fall 2011

Graduation Day finally arrived for this Fall's Service Greenbelts. It has been an amazing journey for everyone and although they were thrilled to have all passed their exams they were sad to think that their formal Greenbelt training has come to an end. As they continue to reflect on lessons learnt and laughs shared we would like to share with everyone some of today's highlights!

After it was confirmed that everyone had passed their exams- the group played a gift stealing game.

Here is Sukhi chiding someone for not adhering to the 'rules'.

Okay so your number has been called- Now you get to choose a secret present from the accumulated gifts. Lesley ponders, using her lazer eyes to reveal the gift inside.

Or, you can scheme to steal someone else's gift.....

Unfortunately for Erica, her gifts were the most popular...

In the end everyone is happy (especially Sukhi)!

After a gourmet lunch of steak, lamb and salmon- it was time for David to give his congratulatory speech in a most unexpected way -using props as metaphors. See if you can guess what lessons are being recapped.

Next we handed out their Certificates in acknowledgement of their hard work and 'Lean Champion' status. Please feel free to mount and brag to all of your colleagues, but most importantly 'Go Transform the World!'

Sponsors were ever so proud....

This was a truly fantastic group and each member contributed in their own unique way. There were however three participants who were able to express their experiences and plans for 'living and teaching lean' most effectively on paper....

Congratulations to all of you! On behalf of Lean Sensei International we wish you the best on the rest of your Lean Journey!

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