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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is it too soon to think of Summer?

Can we lean into the future for a moment? Yes, Christmas is just around the corner while Summer on the other hand- seems like dark years away. But, we are dreamers and planners here at LSI and we would like to take some time, while we have it, to find the perfect LSI Summer Staff Retreat.

Actually, the real pressure is that a few of us here are worried that if we don't propose something soon, the coaches will drag us out for a three day fishing retreat :S

Considerations to keep in mind while choosing a destination:

1) Opportunities for Team Building

LSI Summer Party 2011
2) Opportunites to let loose and monkey around

3) Great Views

4) Great Food

LSI RetreatWhistler 2011

5) Adventures and Challenge

6) We only eat Crab :P


Bad Catch
We welcome your suggestions!

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