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Thursday, August 9, 2012

5 Coaching Strengths that Foster Champions

The olympics remind us how champions in a corporate organization mentor and motivate those around them to also become champions. 

These 5 coaching strengths will help you lead your team to reach their peak performance.

1. Create a Relationship of Trust and Respect
Trusting your team and having them trust you. A necessary foundation upon which a coach can then build on.

This means open communication going both ways. Both sides are honest about their strengths and weaknesses so that you know where an employee needs to be strengthened and how to strategically build a team of complimenting talents and skills.

2. Build a Development Plan Based on Interests and Talents
In a trusting and respectful relationship, you can work with your employee to get to know their strengths, weaknesses, motivators, temperament, and natural talent.

Your baseline is that much higher when you build off of your employee's strengths.

3. Audit Your Employee's Work World
Is your employee connected to those who can help you develop your employee, people who are motivating and influential?
Is your employee surrounded by people who demotivate them?

4. Remove Obstacles
Is there a clear path from your employee to the goals you have co-created? How can you minimize them?
Energize your employee by verbalizing your intention to help them reach their goals.

5. Provide a Perspective Your Employee Cannot See From Their Position
Give your employee insight from your advantage of having a view of the big picture. Help your employee to reframe their perspective to understand where and how they fit in and how to develop themselves in a manner that contributes to the company.

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Credit: Harvard Business Review

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