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Friday, August 3, 2012

Lean Shares Series: Kenneth Leung, Lean Sensei Master Blackbelt

Throughout the month of August, Lean Sensei presents the Lean Share Series.

Get your afternoon energy boost from Master Blackbelt, Kenneth Leung. This Master Blackbelt shares his insights from his Lean journey in the three part question and answer below.

Kenneth Leung, Master Blackbelt (second from right)

What is lean to you?

Lean is a culture or management system to eliminate waste through effective problem identification and problem-solving.

What impact has lean had on your workplace, in your life?

At work, being able to coach others to become change-agents of their respective organizations and make positive impacts to both the culture and the process. Disseminating best practices has also become a habit.
In my personal life, Lean is truly a way of life. Looking for ways to improve everything encountered has become my second nature.

What is your favourite workplace transformation from lean?

There are many memorable workplace transformations from lean. One of my favorites is a fundamental 5S Kaizen at a CNC production area. It was a transformation for both workplace organization and culture.

The workforce had heard about "Lean" before without seeing any noticeable changes. Through a 1-day Lean introduction along with a 1-day 5S blitz, the group of participants gained a better understanding of the Lean concept and also became advocates for Lean after the powerful demonstration in their workplace.

The simple "Learn and Do" method has enabled and empowered the team leader to implement some of his unshared ideas that had been accumulated for years. The change in mind set encouraged him to continue with more improvements in other areas.

Thanks Kenneth!

If you would like to contribute to this series or know an inspirational Lean practitioner, email with For Lean Shares in the subject line. Thank you.

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