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Friday, August 10, 2012

Lean Shares Series: Jeff Coates, Lean Sensei Master Blackbelt

Today, our feature Lean Sensei Master Blackbelt, Jeff Coates gives us an uplifting account on his experience being a leader of Lean.

1.       What is lean to you?

Lean to me is going to the gemba to help people find waste, and then teaching them how to be problem solvers so they can implement the solutions.

2.       What impact has lean had on your workplace, in your life?

Lean has changed the way I work, and how I look at things in everyday life.  I now see waste where I didn’t before, and I also find myself analyzing random things and linking it to lean methodologies.

3.       What is your favourite workplace transformation from lean?

My favourite workplace transformation is a heavy lift device storage area because my part in the transformation was minimal.  My influence was limited to training an employee on the methods of 5S, and from there the employee did the rest.  Even recently I was on a gemba walk and I noticed the employee “shining” the shadow boards associated with the 5S and I could tell he was proud of the work he completed.

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