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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Greenbelt Operations and Service Summer Module 2!

After a busy Lean Summit last week, we are keeping up the pace with our local Greenbelt Summer program. This program is particularly special as it blends both Manufacturing and Service-related topics and Lean methodology.

The group kicked off with the cycle-time/process-time reduction exercise:

The group also began filming their Greenbelt Graduation video, which will be presented on the final day of the program.

The Greenbelt graduation video is the final project and involves everyone in the program. Throughout all the hands-on Kaizens and activities through the program, there is a lot of work within smaller teams. While this is useful for the scope of the projects at hand, it is the video that really ties the entire group together. It also serves as a memento for the participants of the time spent during the program and can act as a motivator to foster further teamwork and Lean projects within one's home organization. You can see an example of the most recent Greenbelt graduation video here:

The theme of this group's movie is Zombies, so stay tuned for the finished product in July!

For the hands-on portion of this Module, the Greenbelts are at a host company working through some projects using value-stream mapping:


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