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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lean Summit Day 3: Industry Speakers

It has been an insightful and enlightening week so far at the Lean Summit, and it continues on today with a focus on the Lean Journies of our Industry Speakers.

Jeff Adams, General Manager of Continuous Improvement at Canadian Pacific, speaks about the importance of  understanding how behaviours and consequences work together with the Lean processes and tools to produce effective Leader Standard Work.

Launi Skinner, CEO of First West Credit Union, gives an inspiring speech about how her organization has been transformed by Lean. Starting with a grassroots bottom-up method of using Lean tools and methodologies to empower employees, create clarity surrounding purpose and vision, and to foster innovation.

John Palazzolo, President of ZOLL Circulation, expresses how important a good mission statement is in aligning the entire organization. He shared how ZOLL was able to integrate Lean and double gross margin in a span of 4 years.

Scott McCarten, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation from Vancouver Coastal Health, shows how relevant Lean is in transforming healthcare. The patient is the customer and providing the best value to the customer and the best care possible is a key goal for any healthcare-related organization. How to implement workflow improvements that provide the right care, in the right location, at the right time in the most efficient way.

Stu McIntosh, Vice President of Operations at Cascade Aerospace, shared how the people truly are the most important resource you have. Having the right people are the foundation of your success, as they ARE the culture of the organization. He explains how to use Lean tools, top-down engagement and bottom-up ownership to foster a culture of problem-solvers.

 John Kalbfleisch, Chief Operating Officer at Alpha Technologies, shares his insights on how to transform from a culture of constantly "putting out the fire" to that of empowering employees and building an "A" team. Using Lean methodology, he describes how to cultivate excellence and relentless continuous improvement.

 A huge thank you to all our industry speakers, our keynote speakers Dr. Jeffrey Liker and Mike Hoseus, and all of the participants who attended this momentous event.

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