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Friday, June 7, 2013

Greenbelt Vancouver Spring Program finished today: Congratulations!!

Congratulations to the Vancouver Spring 2013 Greenbelts on completion of their program today. It was a tough final week but with solid results and the program finished off with an amazing graduation video entitled: "Saturday Night Lean!". This group had some serious editing and creative skills:

Thank you everyone for your hard work and determination! The journey, as we know, never ends.

In recognition of the top performers of the class, three medals were presented to the group. These awards are cumulative and look at the overall performance throughout all three modules. The criteria for the awards inlude:

-Teamwork & Leadership in Kaizens and group activities

-Project achievements & total cost savings

-Overall transformation over the three modules

-Final Presentation

-Final Exam score
Bronze medalist: Carolyn
Awarded for excellence in growth and personal transformation over the Greenbelt program

Silver medalist: Nel
Awarded for excellence in Leadership and Teamwork

Gold medalist: Jackie
Awarded for best overall performance and stellar exam results

Steve, Mark and Carolyn gave a recap on all the great teamwork that was fostered throughout the Greenbelt in their final speech.

If a group of strangers can meet for the first time, come together as a team and produce real, tangible results in an organization, imagine what you can do with your own colleagues at your home organization! What an empowering revelation.

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