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Friday, May 16, 2014

Blackbelts, One Day Away From Graduation!

Yesterday, the Blackbelts presented their four month journey to complete their Blackbelt certification with Lean Sensei. Each presentation encapsulated their first Lean Assessment, providing diagnostic services to a local business in Vancouver and again at their home organization. Then the Blackbelts performed a major overhaul on the supply chain of a local company before flying halfway around the world to every lean practitioner's utopia... Japan.

Finally, the Blackbelts conducted an extreme makeover at a credit union.

But the program isn't over, the Blackbelts take their chances at Sensei's Den. Have a great long weekend Blackbelts, you've earned it!

Your last chance to get Lean Sensei Blackbelt certified is this fall:
Lean Strategy & Lean Assessment Module Sep 22-26
Lean Supply Chain Module Oct 20-24
Japan Lean Tour  (flights extra) Nov 17-20
Extreme Makeover Kaizen Module Dec 8-12

Register online to secure your spot:

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