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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where have all the coaches gone??

This week Jake is in Tulsa facilitating Greenbelt. While Bob is in Ontario providing dedicated coaching to an organization in the service industry.

This in-house project has been customized for this organization. Though the overarching theme is essentially Lean Office, the curriculum and learning materials have been tailored to meet their specific needs.

Whether at our training facility, overseas or in-house, Lean Sensei's interactive teaching style with an injection of fun remains constant. Below is a snapshot of the teambuilding exercise that imparts some fundamentals of lean thinking.

In-House Kaizen Project Topics Customized For Your Organization:
• Poka Yoke – Error Proofing
• Set-up Reduction
• Lean Product Development
• Lean Sales and Marketing
• Lean Supply Chain and Heijunka
• Lean Cycle Time Reduction
• Lean Strategic Planning
• Lean Leadership and Executive Planning
• Lean Problem Solving
• Value Stream Mapping
• Lean People Development

Contact or call 604-264-1000 to find schedule one of Lean Sensei's services.
Or visit the Lean Projects page on our website.

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