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Friday, June 17, 2011

LSI confirms Japan trip for fall 2011

We received messages of concern and phenomenal support from our clients and sponsors during our visit to Japan in March this year, when we experienced the effects of the traumatic earthquake that devasted parts of Northern Japan.

Our initial thinking in terms of the next Japan trip was to postpone this trip until 2012, but we received overwhelming comments that we need to keep supporting Japan.
Now that safety concerns are not an obstacle in Tokyo, we are happy to confirm that LSI will take executives and Blackbelts participants to Japan in November this year, for the Japan Lean Tour.

We are excited to be able to support the economy of Japan and are now in the process of confirming various details for the trip.  The Japan Lean Tour for November 2011 is now 99% full, thanks to your support.

If you are wondering what the trip is all about, please see the YouTube video below for the summary of our last trip in March.  Included, are my emotional comments that I made the day after the earthquake.

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