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Friday, January 22, 2010

Busy week!

So what are we up to this coming week?  It looks like another busy time for LSI coaches, who are kicking off a variety of programs this week:

David Chao and Hilda Henry are in San Diego this week, to be involved in a MBTI session and to "scout" out potential area for next executive programs (nothing wrong with having an executive program in San Diego Zoo, right?).

Andrew McFadyen and Joey Higuchi are kicking off an in-house Lean 101, followed by Vancouver Winter Greenbelt (which has a very large class!).

Bob Low is heading to Toronto to deliver in-house Lean Gemba session, which involves some lean training and 5S Blitz.

That's just this coming week - the first two weeks of February will also see a start of Greenbelt in Calgary and Toronto!

San Diego at night

I'm the lucky one this week as I get to go somewhere warm, but since I go to very cold (hint: -30 or colder) places more often than anyone else, hopefully my staff will forgive me this time around....

Have a great weekend!


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