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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Creative Greenbelt Class

To date, we have graduated more than 2,000 Lean Belt Certified "sensei's", of which 70% are Greenbelt level (intermediate program).  They move on to become internal lean champions and some have accomplished amazing results.

One of the interesting assignments given to the Greenbelt class is that they have to create a 10-minute video summarizing their efforts and journey from the class. They pick various "themes" designed to stimulate the creative force within themselves.  You can see some of them in LSI's youtube channel:

In the most recent Greenbelt class, the Fall 2009 group decided to focus on "The Incredibles" as the movie theme.  Wow - they are an amazing group!  Look at the efforts they put in to ensure that the whole scenario looked as real as possible.

Congratulations Greenbelts!

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