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Friday, January 15, 2010

Lean Reflections Book Give-Away!

We have an extra copy of my "Lean Reflections" coffee-table book in our office, and I decided to give it away to a person who provides the most helpful or insightful comment on the Haiti situation (see blog post below this one).  You will need to join as a follower to make a comment.  We look forward to hearing from you.  As this blog is still new, people might not know how to make a comment, but please give it a try.

Here's the full preview of the book if you are not sure what it looks like:


Lean Sensei International said...

Hi All

If you tried to post a comment, and it didn't work, it's our fault - we didn't setup the system correctly. It's been corrected now and you may post your comments as long as you register as a follower. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I'm very happy to see that you have recognized the need to support the relief efforts that are in need in Haiti today. I was there two years ago, as a stop on our Caribbean cruise. As nice as it was to be there for a vacation, there were a few locals allowed into the gated part were the tourists were and to see how much need already existed in thier culture, it's very important we all do our part to help a country that is in desperate need.
I was watching the news today and was inspired by a report that was on. There was a girl that is 13 years old, who was going there with her grandmother to help in a mission, and two hours after she arrived, the earthquake hit. She and her Grandmother were safe, thankfully. But they were to come home a few days later, and decided to stay to help the people in need. I was amazed by the passion from this 13 year old, as were lots of people from my city and tonight upon her return, there was a surprise welcoming for her in at the airport. What a way to reward someone young who has gone that extra step.
Hopefully, there are several more people who will be able to give what ever they can: money, time, support to help the people of Haiti out.