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Friday, January 22, 2010

Jim Murphy publishes his second book!

Jim Murphy, who has spoken at a number of our programs as a guest coach, has just published his second book, "Inner Excellence."  An inspiring former baseball coach talks about how you can achieve extraordinary success through "mental toughness" and "mindset for growth."

At our Executive, Blackbelt, and Greenbelt sessions in the past, Jim talked about how top athletes achieve amazing performance through changes in how they think, visualize, and imagine.  Jim also talked about the story of Lewis Gordon Pugh, a long distance swimming champion who achieved breakthrough results.

Jim is a former professional baseball player and a coach, and has a new website:

In his new book, he briefly mentions my name and Lean Sensei - thank you Jim!  He has inspired many of us to strive to be our best, and I am sure that he can change the way you look at your life, your business, and your family.

What does Jim says about success?

Those who excel under adversity are those who:

Lead with their heart.

Have an expansive vision.

Have learned how to be fully present.

Are unattached to their biggest goals, yet still passionately pursue them 100%.

Have a powerful purpose, one that’s meaningful and fulfilling.
Check out his book at or

What people say about his book:

"Your analysis of how elite athletes need to think and train is 100% spot on. Inner Excellence is a valuable tool for athletes and coaches who want to understand how to succeed."
- Lewis Gordon Pugh, Long Distance Swimming Champion and Environmental campaigner

"Jim is an expert in his field. Inner Excellence transcends athletics and will have a profound effect on everyone who applies these methods in their life."
- John Kehoe, International best-selling author, Mind Power into the 21st Century

"A powerful coach... Truly inspiring."
- Nick Ugoalah, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, wrestling

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