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Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's happening?

What's happening?

A lot, actually.  Andrew McFadyen and I am in San Francisco conducting a supply chain kaizen (using grocery simulation as a kickoff workshop), Joey/Bob are in Calgary doing a Greenbelt, and most of our support staff are busy getting ready for the upcoming programs.  In the next 4 weeks, our coaches are delivering or conducting sessions in Toronto (kaizen), Calgary (Greenbelt), and of course here in Vancouver (Lean 101s).  And it looks like I'm off to Japan (assesssment) and Australia (supply chain kaizen) as well, which keeps all of us very busy!  If any one of you would like to assist or be part of our ever-evolving kaizens as a guest faciliator or guest speaker, please let us know - we welcome past Greenbelts and Blackbelts to join us!  Is anyone interested in helping me at any of the future workshops or kaizens in international locations?

David and Andrew are conducting a supply chain workshop
(grocery simulation above)

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