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Monday, January 18, 2010

Porsche Factory visit for Blackbelt?

Porsche Blackbelt program?

As you know, our highly respected Blackbelt Certification program has been running for almost 8 years now.  For the first few years, the program included a trip to San Francisco to visit Toyota/GM joint venture, NUMMI.  As part of our continuous improvement initiative, we found ways to reduce cost while improving the content, and in 2006, we begin to offer Japan program as an upgrade - a major upgrade - to the Blackbelt curriculum.  Since the very beginning of the Japan program, we have taken several hundred people to such places as Toyota factory, Denso plant, and Daiwa House factory - where homes are built like cars.

However, now that many of our clients have gone to Japan with us, we are considering offering a slightly different version of the Blackbelt. Although this is still in concept development stage, we are investigating whether potential Blackbelts will consider a Blackbelt progam with Germany Lean Tour as an alternative to Japan Lean Tour.  If this becomes a reality, the trip will include a visit to the acclaimed Porsche Factory in Stuttgart, as well as the BMW Munich plant tour.  Both locations will include a visit to their famed corporate musuems, where you can see history and future at the same time.

Just curious....are you guys interested in such program?  Would you consider a Blackbelt European edition vs Blackbelt Japan edition?

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