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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Japan Lean Tour - 1 day before the earthquake

One day before the earthquake day, our Japan Lean Tour program continued on to Nagoya, where we visited the Toyota technology musuem. The day was filled with many activites, as we had to check out of our Tokyo hotels, take bullet train to Nagoya, and settle down in the new hotel located just above the train station.

The group was excited to take the bullet train for the first time, and we even had a glimpse of Mount Fuji. Thinking back, the quiet, peaceful train ride seems surreal when we realize now that this was the "day before" the disaster.  It's hard to believe that March 10th was just a couple of weeks ago.

Notice LSI coach Joey running to catch the shot!

The complete set of photos can be seen below:

Japan Thu Mar 10, 2011

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