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Friday, March 11, 2011


Japan Update: thank you all for contacting us.  As I mentioned my team is safe in Nagoya but it's a logistic nightmare as we try to sort out cancelled flights and trains. We are very affected emotionally and spiritually but physically safe. We had aftershocks all night and nothing is normal. Slowly we are getting things in order and Japan is recovering.  Japan needs your prayers and support more now than ever.

The Japanese are resilient and patient. Many staff are working 24 hrs around the clock to serve customers. Our hotel staff didn't go home and have been working all night to help everyone.  Most people did not sleep last night as they were not able to go home, but other than the northern Japan area of Sendai the rest of Japan is safe.

Thank you for your concerns. We will continue to report updates through this blog and resume normal blogging after things go back to normal.

We are safe and sound, and our Executives and Blackbelts are positive and strong - we are all encouraged by the love and care of Japanese and how well they are taking care of each other.  This is a country that truly cares.

No one is getting upset or impatient.  They are still organized despite the disruptions - people are trying to resume normal activities again.

We do miss everyont back at home but we are very blessed to be safe and to be supported.

Please stay in touch.


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