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Sunday, March 20, 2011

LSI-affliated members in Japan.

A number of people asked us if any of LSI affliated members or friends in Japan are doing fine.  We wanted to let everyone know that we have confirmation that all LSI-related members and immediate family members are safe even though they may be situated in Japan.

This includes our past LSI members such as Ryoko (in Tokyo), Ayako (past intern, now in France), Emi (past intern, back at home in Nagoya), and LSI Japan affliates Mot (resting near Mount Fuji area), Mr. Sakae (our supply chain specialist, still in Tokyo), and various Toyota/Denso/Nissan factory tour members (all in their respective home town).

As well, LSI staff's family members located throughout Japan are confirmed to be safe and sound.

We want to thank everyone who contacted us asking about our extended family members. We are appreciative of your concerns and happy to report that everyone in our immediate circle of network are healthy and safe.

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