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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan Lean Tour - 5 days before the earthquake

I am sorry that it is taking extra time for us to post our photos from the most recent Japan Lean Tour, but as you can imagine, we had so much priorities to deal with that we were unable to process them earlier. In memory of what has taken place leading up to the earthquake, we are going to post photos and videos one day at a time.

Exactly two weeks ago, our Japan Lean Tour program members arrived in Japan (Sunday March 6).  With absolutely no knowledge of what would unfold just five days later, our Japan Lean team went out for a casual dinner at a local restaurant in Tokyo and prepared for the start of the Japan program next day.

The members were tired but filled with anticipation, since for many, this was a first trip to Japan.

Here are some photos from Sunday March 6, exactly five days before the earthquake struck Japan.

And here is the previously posted summary video of the day (again, please keep in mind that this was taken 5 days before the disaster):

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